Monday, June 20, 2011

Enjoy the Progress - It''s part of the Journey

Well I guess we'll see if this week can go off as planned! I'm looking at possibly getting in 20 miles this week. And I am looking at a time crunch because the half marathon is coming in September. I have only run 8 miles for my long run recently. I think I'll be okay though because I can bump that up to 1 pretty easily. The terrain here is kind of hilly and the race is in Chicago which is really flat. So I think that will work to my advantage at least.

 I also signed up for a  night race this weekend. I haven't ever done that so it'll be nice. And it will be to commemorate my first 5K ever. It's the same Saturday that I ran my very first race two years ago. Boy I was so happy to run that 3.1 miles! And I was hooked on racing ever since. I never dreamed that about 3 miles would be my easy days! lol!

 It's funny sometimes how when we are going through life and we know that our struggles are shaping us somehow, we still cannot always see how far we've come...until another test comes along. But it's really good when we can do an honest assessment of ourselves and how we handle various situations and see that we have actually made progress. And it's not pride to be able to see progress in ourselves and smile! It can be pride when we think we did it all on our own...or if we think it makes us better than someone else who is still struggling in that area. But to realize we've grown and be glad of that is not a bad thing. (Unless of course you put it on a T-shirt and parade gloatingly around in it all day! lol)

 To not be able to celebrate life's victories would be like not allowing graduation ceremonies. So it's okay to celebrate your achievements. Today take time to celebrate your achievements and accomplishments.. and it's okay to smile!

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