Sunday, June 5, 2011

Comfortable with Discomfort

I have officially lost 5 pounds over the last week. It certainly took a lot of willpower to make the necessary dietary changes. Plus by body is sore from the extra activity. Some would say that willpower comes easily. I think something else gives strength to willpower...discomfort. As long as we are comfortable where we are we will not feel like we need to make any changes. All too often we become comfortable with our discomfort rather than making the choice to change we embrace it as the norm and do nothing about it. But discomfort is what gives us the drive to change.

I was thinking about the baby eagle and how when it is time for them to grow up she removes all the "fluff" from the nest. This causes the bird great discomfort - enough for them to find another place to stay. Would it make any sense if the little bird went out and built a nest without the cushions so they could have one "just like mom's because it was so uncomfortable? lol! Of course not!

We have to chose to allow the discomfort to give us the energy to change. I don't like the way my clothes fit. I am not going to go buy new clothes so my discomfort has more room to grow!! Instead, I'll make the choice to change what I need to so that I feel better. When I get uncomfortably hungry - I go step on the scale, or think about my last run where I felt like I had a spare tire tied around my middle, or think about how heavy my legs felt on the other run...

When I increase my miles or go for a longer run than I am accustomed to, it's a given, I'm going to be sore. Now that is a discomfort that I am willing to embrace because it is the sign of change. We have to be careful to embrace the right discomfort! Which discomfort is making you better? Which ones are making you slack off and be less productive?

I really believe that God set up life so we'd have plenty of uncomfortable places along the way. When we get in those zones our reaction to them is tells it all...reveals who we really are - and who we want to become. A Bible example - Joseph. He was attacked by Potipher's wife, and he ran away. But I am sure if you asked him he'd say that the discomfort he experienced in prison was far better than that which he'd have had if he had been displeasing to God.

So which discomfort are you embracing today? The ones that are driving you to change your life; or the ones that encourage you to stay the same? Which is more comfortable to you?

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