Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Am I A Runner Now?

At the race the other night I had a very unique experience. There was a lady who seemed to be competing specifically with me. As I would get close to her she would run ahead a ways and then walk until I got close again. She kept losing a little advantage on her position each time I got close. I chose to just keep my pace as it was working for me.

 I kept reminding myself that in racing I am only competing with myself so I kept it all under lock. I thought she was a little younger than me anyway so I chose to not compete but just keep running instead. Finally, I passed her for the last time and didn't really think about where she was as I got sick to my stomach because of the heat. I figured I wasn't dizzy, so I wasn't close to passing out - so I kept going. I thought that it would simply be a new experience if I threw up.. but I figured I would throw up and then finish the race!

 When I got through the lady came over to where we were standing and congratulated me on a "good race." She said she was just trying to stay ahead of me! She even said she tried to "draft" me! lol! How do you draft an old, slow lady? lol! But I took it as a compliment. Especially when I found out that I was about 4 years her senior! (I tried not to gloat as I picked up my 2nd place medal in the old people's category!)

 We exchanged phone numbers so we can race together again some time. I think she just wants revenge!! lol (Ah! motivation) But the funny thing to me was how she put my name in her phone. As a contact she put me as "Jeanie the runner" I had to smile! (It's okay - because she's "Pam @ race"!

 But it was very funny how affirming it was to have someone else recognize all my hard work that way. It's simple I know, but it was nice. I thought about how it is good to be recognized for accomplishments no matter what level they were attained on. I decided to find someone else to "affirm" today. I think it would do us all some good to just find someone today and tell them "you're doing a great job at...." And be specific... don't leave it open it's not as effective!

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