Sunday, May 29, 2011

Trail Running - The New Adventure

For several weeks I had been driving by this wilderness area. It's only a couple of miles from my apartment and I've been wanting to explore. Finally, Thursday was an off day (supposed to be a rest day) from running and for cross training I figured I would ride my bike up there to see about the trail.

It turns out to be almost exactly 2.5 miles up. That means I get a solid 5 miles of biking in! That's a plus. The internet said the trail was one mile. I thought maybe I would ride it to check it out and then come back and run it at a later date. I passed a runner who helped me know where some tricky spots were as far as following the right trail. Then he told me it was more like 1.5 miles around. I rode it first, then decided I had time to run it once just to see if I liked it...I loved it!! So I went back Friday and ran it 3 times!

While I was exploring I thought about how different the terrain was. But it didn't matter if I was riding there are on the supposedly smoother pavement of the road, I was still riding! It presented different sorts of obstacles and challenges but no matter where I was riding - I was still riding. Some things were the same. I had to maintain my balance and speed. I had to navigate properly and I had to know when to use the brakes! These are the types of things that do not change no matter how the terrain changes.

Life presents many different situations. No matter what the terrain of today some things remain the same. We must know our limits..know when to brake... know when to rest and how fast we can go safely.

We have to keep our balance. This is true in virtually every single area. Even religious activities must be conducted with wisdom and balance. Our eating, playing and sleeping must all be in the right proportions so that no one of them controls us.

We must be able to control our speed - how fast we handle each situation can determine success or failure. 

No matter what terrain we are traveling on in life presently - we must keep our eyes on the trail and stay focused on Him, He is the author and finisher of our faith...we need Him to survive.

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