Friday, May 20, 2011

Thunderstorms? Perfect Training!

On any given day there are tons of things that can be used for an excuse to not run. These excuses can range from very mild to real excuses, like my leg just fell off! And there are legitimate times when runners really do need to take a day, or even a week, off. When there is a serious injury or a family emergency it just isn't always using good judgment to try to get that run in.

And of course, if it is actually thundering and lightening it is unsafe to take a run! Actually, so far lightning is the only reason I have seen a race postponed! So this morning after the bulk of the storm passed I headed out in the rain for a good solid run. I figured rain really could be a legit excuse; but as I found out at the half marathon - you never know what you might get on race day so it could be a great training exercise. And boy was it!

First, I had trouble with my glasses during the half marathon as the rain kept getting on them and I couldn't see well. So today presented a perfect nonessential run day to see if a visor will help. It did! It got soaked and rain ran down the sides of my head but my glasses stayed clear!

I learned a lot about getting out in the stormy weather and running. For one, it was exhilarating! I can't exactly explain why, but it was! Don't you remember how much fun running through puddles was when you were a kid? I found out it's just as much fun at 50! And mama wasn't waiting at home to yell at me for getting my shoes wet!

The trees were beautiful with droplets of water hanging on the edges of leaves! I so enjoyed just seeing everything glisten in the rain. I even liked watching the droplets form and drop off my visor! Totally refreshing!

And another added benefit of running in the rain - my suntanned skin looked great! lol!

So it's not really so much about what presents itself as an obstacle today - it's what you make of it! I am starting to think that any obstacle can easily become a challenge which makes it a lot more fun to try to beat. Remember to enjoy the small things in the process of life...I'll never look at a run in the rain the same way again! I can't wait for the next raining-training session!

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