Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recovery Days? Oh, I get it now!

Seriously, I have been training and running all along why in the world would I think I would need a couple of recovery days? Well, mostly because I can barely walk, that's why! lol!

Actually, over all I did well and am not too sore, except for my thighs. I am sure that is coming because of the extra miles and pushing it so hard the last two miles! So today is another recovery day. Tomorrow I will try to run a short, easy couple of miles to start loosening back up. I have to get moving because I have a 5K this Saturday! (not planning on setting any PR's there for sure!)

It's funny how we can think after a big race or a big trial of some sort that we can just get up the next day and bounce back into normal. There are so many things that can occur in a day and we can take them in stride - at least for awhile. But there will be a slow down day. It's a time to stop and reflect on what has happened so we can learn from it...

When there is a big happening in our lives it is a great time to spend reflecting on the past. Don't get caught up and dragged down by the past - but consider it, learn and then move on. These times are like when you move, change churches, realize friends are not friends at all - or lose a loved one...it's okay to emotionally take a recovery day or two. Actually, it can be very beneficial. So next time change happens in your life - on any level - take some recovery time. Don't make any decisions, don't quit, just rest and decide! And enjoy the rest!! There will be another race tomorrow!

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