Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm A Runner?

I must admit that I am just learning about running. Although I've been at it for just over two years I consider myself pretty much a beginner. One thing I am learning though is that there really is a balancing act to be done to make the body all work. For me, it's a body,soul and spirit thing and they all have to come into balance to make me into a decent runner - which I am determined to become!

My body does all the physical part, of course. But then I have learned how stress, emotions and situations can really slow me down and affect my performance. That was amazing when I started seeing that one! But the time I run is my time; it's when I do a lot of my praying and sorting things out. So I think it's easy to say that my whole being is involved in my running adventure!

What if we could (or would) engage our whole being into serving Him? What if we literally threw our entire being, body, soul and spirit into His service? It's too easy to divide it out - our spirit is His, of course. Our soul is easily run by everyone and every thing around us. And our body is our you see the problem with that picture?

If we could give Him our whole being and let Him be in control of all of it - what a true wholeness that would bring. No wonder David prayed unite me heart to praise your name. Maybe he sensed this type of dividing of himself all out like that.

It's time to tie it all together - but it in a bundle like the cable/Internet companies- and give it all to Him! So bundle up! And be whole - be complete in Him!

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