Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello Mr Templeton!

Yeah, that's right I was on my run, minding my own business, actually tackling a huge hill when I saw movement to my right. And there he was...Templeton! (remember the rat from Charlotte's Web?) He was huge!! And he was trying desperately to get back into a fence that was keeping him out of a very nice neighborhood. I assured him that I would not come close to him or bother him in any way!

Seriously, I have not seen a rat that big in all my life! Well, I saw a dead one once that was almost that big. He splashed his stinky guts up on my favorite orange dress when I threw a brick on him though. (at my cousin's strong urging...) But this one was huge and alive! And he really wanted back in his old 'hood!

I thought it was kind of funny that I was in a really nice area of town - well-to-do for, sure and there the rat was.. not over by the ghetto where I used to live! How funny! But then my mind went to a proverb. Solomon said that the spider (KJV) or the lizard (NAS) can be caught in the hand, but lives in the king's palace.  (proverbs 30:28)

My thoughts went to how the rich have the same things to deal with as the poor. We all can be alcoholics, have crazy relatives, are injured in accidents, have bills due... we just deal with things differently. They have rats too! It's all about how we deal with the situations that life throws at us...not how much money we have. Tragedy doesn't say, "Oh, I cannot stop here - they have (or don't have) money..." life happens to us all, we all hurt, cry, laugh...but at the core - we all need Him... period. Rich or poor, sick or well, happy or sad...we need a saviour - one who does not base His generosity on our situation but on His love!

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