Monday, May 23, 2011

God Hates a Proud Look

All weekend long I could hear "the big hill" calling out a challenge to me! So this morning I put on my running shoes and headed straight for it! I was doing pretty good too. To be honest I didn't find it to be too terribly challenging as my mind was walking through so many other things I really wasn't thinking about it much.

I got to the road that is about half a block from the top and two cars approached the intersection. No problem. The first one went on through and the second one stopped...right on the cross walk! For safety reasons, even though I know I have the right of way - I go behind the car. It's part of never assuming someone else sees you just because you saw them! I kind of shake my head in disbelief at people's driving habits but am really caught up in my music and thoughts too much to worry about it much. But then I saw her look...the Biblical term for what it looks like is a proud look. I could be way off (but I'm not usually!) but it was this smirk, I am here you are not, I don't care who I inconvenience, I think the world revolves around me... look. Very smug - and well, proudly disdaining. If that makes any sense at all. And it made me instantly mad.

Well, something like that really isn't worth compromising my time for so I didn't even look back but just kept on running toward my goal. But I immediately thought of the scripture in Proverbs 6:16-19 which lists the 7 things God hates. "A proud look" (or haughty eyes depending on the translation) is the first  thing listed!

I immediately went to prayer for a few minutes. I asked God to help me remember when I have done the same thing. I prayed that the next time I have that sort of attitude like a supremacy over someone else - for Him to reveal it to me immediately so I can correct it. I am sure we have all done it sometime to someone... but it was certainly something I do not ever want in my life again...time to do some soul searching to rid ourselves of anything from God's Most Hated list!

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