Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Embracing the Challenge

Mondays I try to get in a good little chunk of mileage. It kind of lets me stack it up so that it's easier to meet my mileage goals for the week. That way I don't feel like I am playing catch-up the rest of the week and there's less pressure to get it all in. I prefer going at least 5 miles on Mondays - Plus I'm coming off two rest days so it just makes sense!

Sometimes I can imagine the hills are issuing me a challenge. I can't wait to tackle them and take 'em down! Yesterday was no different. I headed out and the big hill on my chosen route is about a mile and a half from the house. That gives me plenty of time to get warmed up good before I get there! I love the challenge!

What I wasn't ready for was the return trip. (I prefer out and backs because I know my legs need the well rounded workout.) But when I turned around to come back I was facing a stiff head wind! I pushed it so hard! And each time the wind picked up - I picked up my pace in response. I refused to go down without a fight! lol! Talk about a full body workout!

I realized I was almost looking forward to these challenges. I embraced them and literally faced them head on! But in life it's not always so (for me anyway!). Don't we all like the easy path - if given a choice we will all choice the path of least resistance. I want to become more like my inside runner. One who sees the challenges as strengthening exercises, or character builders; rather than one who is always trying to escape.

We have no record of Joseph trying to get out of the prison so he could fulfill the dreams God had given him. Teh disciples rejoiced (yeah - rejoiced!) when they were ill treated for the sake of the gospel. Maybe challenges require a different perspective. Rather than seeing them only as adversity which seems to be tearing away at our existence..perhaps we should shift and embrace them as they are the tools that build our stamina and develop our character. So for today - embrace the challenges - and literally make the best of them. You do not face them without the strength of His word to help you work through to victory.

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