Friday, May 6, 2011

And We Race Again Tomorrow!

That's right I am signed up for a 5K for tomorrow. It's funny how different my feelings are now that I have been running the longer races. I know the training is so different I probably won't even set a new PR as I have done very little speed training. But maybe I will surprise myself.

This is the Jim Thorpe Courage Run. I did the same race last year. It's a fund raiser for a rehabilitation hospital here in the OKC area. My son never went to that particular rehab but they are really good at what they do and the money goes to help fund equipment for patients whose insurance won't provide. Shoot, I probably need to do my own 5K so I can get my son some equipment!

anyway, I run it for my son basically because he's given me the courage to run! We learn a lot about ourselves when tragedy strikes. Since his wreck in late 2008 I have really changed a lot and learned a lot. Running has been a huge factor in my progress. Yeah, it helps me deal with the stress of the situation in a positive way. I really deal better if I have a good run! But I have learned so much more about myself. Plus I have accomplished way more than I would have ever thought possible...just because I tried!

I really never had what I thought was a valid reason to run before. But once I decided to run and tried it I found a new world out there that quickly has become a huge part of who I am. Now I can't imagine life without running! It's not that I need it so much (even though it is very helpful) but I really enjoy it. I also like who it has helped me become...I am more confident and sure of myself. I know my body more and know how and when to push vs when to sit out and heal. Boy is that key to an abundant life!

We all face various situations in life that make us want to sit out! And the church can be one of the most hurtful places of all...backwards huh? It's so important for our spiritual and emotional health that we know when to sit this one out. We must learn to identify those toxic relationships so we know when to step away. But we also need to know when it's okay to push on through - with questions, proposals, friendships etc...

Running has actually been a key factor in building my emotional confidence so that I have known when to step away from toxic relationships. Spiritual discernment and acting on wisdom come from a balance between the Word and listening to Him...just like I listen to my body when I run - we must listen to the be whole.

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