Wednesday, April 27, 2011

You Never Know What You'll Get

That's right - rain and wind is th forecast for Sunday morning's race! Yikes! I was ready for mild and beautiful! No luck this year. It looks like my first half marathon will be wet and cold! But you know us runners - I'll be running anyway! You just never know when you sign up what the weather will be like. That's one reason I never let the weather discourage me from my training runs.

I have found that this is true with life as well. We really do not know what a day may bring - but we gotta keep running anyway! One Saturday morning when life was good and I was working toward my goals and plans, I got the parent's dreaded phone call, my son had been in a terrible wreck and he'd been medi-flighted to a hospital...Job had no idea that one morning when he got out of bed that he would lose literally everything  that day - including his children.

More recently tsunamis, tornadoes and earthquakes have hit unsuspecting locations. We really do not know what a day will bring. We like to have it all planned out - and we should - I believe it's wise to practice careful planning. However, when there is a wrench, like a tragedy or trauma thrown in - it won't cancel life's race.

We have to run in inclement weather, with aching joints, strained muscles...just gotta keep it going. Life doesn't stop for may change drastically and you may wish it would stop and let you off...but we must look to our examples.

Jesus faced the cross- He didn't look for a shortcut. CS Lewis said "In Gethsemane the holiest of all petitioners prayed three times that a certain cup might pass from Him. It did not." We may have to face life head on in the midst of terrible circumstances - but morning will come. It may not come when and how you want it to- but if there's a night (a dark night of the soul) there will be a morning! You never know what life will put on your plate today - make the best of what you have in front of you...and keep running.

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