Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wisdom Triumphs Over Youthfulness

Okay so the back injury seems to have worked itself out mostly. Still little twinges here and there but mostly good to go. I still plan on making this week an easy week. That gives me two weeks to hit it real hard and then a medium tapering off week before the half marathon. (remember planning is everything!)

I started running when I was 48. I just passed my 2 year begin-aversary so you can figure that out! Yeah, I'm the big 5-0! I have to listen to my body more than I really want to. It is serious wisdom to slow down to avoid injury. When I was younger I would push and go for everything and many times be all but proud that I injured myself doing so! - I know - pretty dumb really.

As I have aged I realize the wisdom of doing the max for today and no more. It is not worth it to sit out for any length of time to nurse an injury - especially one that could be avoided! So I still go full blast, give it my best and do the absolute maximum for every single training day and race. I notice my maximums are getting higher as I continue...that's progress and that's wisdom.

When we are younger we treat everything with all the energy we can and then some, including relationships. We can injure or burn out others by pushing too hard too fast. I think I'm glad that I cannot burn out  God. However, when I look at my spiritual life the same as my training I think I can draw a parallel. Every day I can do all that I can do with maximum effort - give serving God everything I have that day...that's all He asks for anyway! When I put more pressure on myself to be better or more religious I will soon tire and have an injured soul. It's also true that when we give the energy due God to others our soul will be injured.

But I can live each day in Him to the fullest - counting only that day. And as I do that just like with running, I will see my maximums improve and see real spiritual progress.

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