Thursday, April 28, 2011

Winning Isn't Everything?

Sometimes we just have to face the truth and be very helps us deal and survive! I am not going to win the half marathon. I will finish it though  that is determined! I won't look back and I will complete the course that is laid out. Sports minded people (like me) can be very competitive. This attitude has helped me compete against myself to improve myself, but it can be destructive if it's not kept in check. So for me I have to redefine winning. And that means taking a realistic look at where I am.

I am 50 years old (or young). I rarely sleep more than 6 hours at night and even more rare is to get a chunk of sleep more than 3 or 4 hours long. (this is because I am a caregiver to my son who has a TBI) I have to train in the two hour slot when the aid is here or not run at all each day. As many do - I face tough emotional battles and frustrations with life. And I am just overall tired today! lol! I've had to work through two or three injuries during half-marathon training and got behind schedule because of two back to back blizzards. (that meant no aid came and no run for about 2 weeks) I've only run 10.5 miles max...falling far short of my personal goals.

Winning to me will be finishing.

So as I struggle with tiredness and not even wanting to run this morning I tell myself just log some miles.  And I will head on out the door here in a bit. Sometimes these days can yield the best runs if I can talk myself into getting out the door!

How many times in life do we face tough situations and want to give up or quit? If we can just convince ourselves to get up and get out the door...I wonder how Jesus felt having to get up and get out of heaven's door just to come to earth to die? That probably looked to some like a race that was lost before it started too...but He finished it. And then He got up and sealed the victory! That's why we are to consider Him who endured the cross and endured the shame... and when we consider Him - everything else tends to come into proper perspective.

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