Sunday, April 3, 2011


So I pretty well spent the last few days packing and moving. Now I am trying to get unpacked. The trouble is that I have this catch in my back! It's not a muscle as it doesn't hurt all the time or if I lift stuff - only when I walk or move my leg a certain way...I'm pretty sure something is pinched off somewhere!

It's digging at my mind since my first half marathon is one month from today! I didn't run but one day last week since I was so involved in moving and getting things switched over and now is not the time in training to take a week off!! My head is fighting me like crazy. What am I afraid of? failure...

How do I talk myself out of it? First - I will do all I can do but nothing more to keep form injuring myself further. Second - this first half marathon is kind of a practice run so if I have to walk run it I will get it done. (this gripes me heavily as I want to know my real time so I know how to work to prepare for the Chicago half which has a time limit!!! - plus I hate  walking any portion of a race I'd rather jog slowly than to ever give up and walk!)

So as long as I think that I can walk/run in and accomplish the 13.1 miles, it won't be a failure by any means.. all I can do is the best I can. Hopefully I can take some NSAIDS and get any inflammation down and get back to running some by the end of the week...

I can talk myself through to success.. as failure is not an option! I believe this can be applied to anything in life, even spiritually. One way I deal with things is to think of worse case scenario and best case scenario. Once I see the full range of those two I can talk myself through to success on anything. It's guaranteed! I just have to keep moving and doing the best I can with what I have - and that counts for my spirit man as well. We really don't have to perform to please God anyway - so why stress over it . All we have to do is finish - that's it and that's a given walking or running. So keep walking or running toward Him and spiritual success in guaranteed!

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