Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Mind is Playing Games Wtih Me

I am totally stressing out over the shoe issue. I keep telling myself I will run this if I have to carry two or three pairs and change them throughout the course! I'm pulling out my retired Brooks tomorrow to see if they will work. I am hoping that switching back and forth between the two pairs of shoes will be enough break to get me through.

I try to do one race a month and as it happens I will do the half marathon on Sunday and then a 5K on Saturday following. Well, the logistics of that one are still up in the air and I may pull out another 10K but it depends on who is with me for that one. My family is doing it for my son. It's a fund raiser for a local rehab facility. I am going to try to take my son to the race to see how he does. Initially I was going to push him in it but it looks like they don't allow wheelchairs on the course.

I keep juggling my thoughts and money around in my head trying to figure out how to get new shoes and compete in the half that is actually 2 weeks from today! I am really excited and all the challenges just make it more exciting for me! I had no idea there was this much strategy involved in running! lol!

Living life to its fullest takes a lot of strategy too. For most of us each day has its own set of challenges that must be faced. Facing them head on and coming out on top takes careful thinking and strategizing. We can be busy with many things but to be truly productive in our walk with the Lord we will have to make it a purposeful walk. And that will take strategy to complete! We must plan to read His word, to pray and meditate on Him; otherwise it will never happen. So start your strategy today - we should be finding time for life around time with Him - not the other way around!

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