Thursday, April 7, 2011

It Was Just A Little Statement...

i don't even remember where I read it and all it said was something like you cannot run fast if you do not strengthen your core and upper body with cross training.  It hit me like crazy! It was the motivation I needed! Today will be a medium run of 5.5 miles and then next week should be back to normal. However, I will be adding more bike riding as cross training PLUS - Jillian Michaels super fat burner- metabolism booster workouts on the days I don't run.

I know I am slow - and I am old. But sometimes I feel so heavy when I am running. That one statement kicked me in the butt. I am motivated to make some necessary changes in my diet - starting TODAY! And to start some extra workouts to boost muscle building. I don't have to stay slow.

Isn't it funny how some little statement can change your mind even though you've been thinking about it all along? I guess it was like offering me a challenge. And once I see a challenge I am free to compete - even with myself!

I think the parallel here is that when we can look at scriptures and see others who made it through - they didn't stay in the fiery furnace, lion's den or wilderness forever - then we have the motivation to make changes in our own lives. For me personally, I added my music back in last night. I know it makes a huge difference in my overall mental state - but have lacked the motivation.

Now the challenge will be to stay motivated and actually put the DVD in over the weekend! As you open the scriptures today - let it challenge you and spur you into action - into change!

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