Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm A Runner - That's Why!

I'm not too sure if I run because I'm crazy or I'm crazy because I run! But I am pretty sure it is either one or the other. As you know from some of my last entries my shoes were hurting my feet. And my first half marathon is now less than two weeks away. I was frantically trying to find some shoes (Brooks of course) within my budget...which is very small. I couldn't sleep, eat or work until I ordered the shoes.

Finally I found some on the Brooks website. I needed GTS 8s, but had tried on GTS 11s and knew they would work. The 8s are of course all gone in my size as they are an older version. After hours of searching I found some GS 9s or 10s (can't remember which right now) for only $65. That's not bad for running shoes.

The thing is that since they are outdated ones they didn't have my all too common size in any of the "cool" colors all they had was the black ones. I really wanted blue. But hey - for 65 bucks who can complain if they work right? So I ordered them and paid the extra 10 dollars to "expedite" which I hope means that they will be here this week so I can run in them a couple of times before the half...

What if we searched for things in life with that kind of energy? Of course our search for God should be relentless...but if we carefully searched until we found the things we wanted inside His kingdom it would rock our worlds. If we seek out His kingdom first He said that everything else  would be added to us. That's kind of like Solomon's search. God asked him what he desired and he asked for wisdom. Solomon didn't ask for riches, fame or anything common - he just wanted to rule God's people in wisdom. The cool thing was that riches, wealth and true honor come with wisdom. It's some sort of really cool package deal! If we pursue Him...we'll have the full life we desire down deep. And many things we think we desire - really won't matter any more...what are you searching for?

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