Monday, April 11, 2011

Even if I Run Alone

My first half is now less than three weeks away! Three weeks from today I will wake up having completed my first half marathon and continue training for my next one! I cannot wait for that feeling!

One thing that I am kind of sad about is that no one will be going with me. Actually my sister and nephew went down to Louisiana for my first 5K ever - then they came back in a month and my nephew ran a 5K with me. And now my family does one 5K a year for my sister who has a brain tumor (It's for the Brain Tumor Foundation). Other than that I always go alone. I don't have anyone on the sidelines cheering me on...

But it's not that I really need it. I am an independent person and I will run and enjoy my successes no matter it's not necessary. lol - if it was I wouldn't run at all! IF other's participation or encouragement was needed there really would not be a half marathon coming up. But you know - even though I made it unnecessary in my emotions...I still wish sometimes...

But it's really irrelevant anyway - in life we do not always have the luxury of others running with us. They choose a different course and if we are lucky they might cheer us on from a distance or tell us that they think we are doing well from their armchair...but we must run this race of life as best as we can whether we have others encouraging us or not. Everyone is not going to understand why we run - or our religious walk. We cannot sit out and give up just because no one else understands the significance it carries in our lives.

Hebrews 12:1 says that we must run with endurance this race that is set before us. Life doesn't carry an opt out clause. We have to take it as it comes whether or not that means we are alone. Running the Christian race is the same thing.. we gotta run it - no one can run it for us - and it's not a requirement to have someone running with us... so run the race with endurance. Run it and keep running and don't worry about running alone - because One is running it with you- and He said He would never leave us to run alone!

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