Saturday, April 16, 2011

Addicted to Running

I read this book called, "The Brain that Changes Itself." Actually I was reading it to help my son who has a TBI. But the doctor pointed out how addicting running can be. There's some sort of chemical that the body makes and it can give this sense of euphoria, especially after a good run or race. Running is literally physically addictive. I know I'm addicted.

Since yesterday when my shoes began hurting my feet and I cut my run short trying to avoid injury, all I have done is try to figure out how to get some shoes by Monday! lol! It's on my mind about every second.. where I can find the money for new running shoes (will be going with Brooks this time!) and how to get them as quickly as I can since the half is only two weeks from tomorrow!

It's frustrating because of the setback...but challenging which at least makes it interesting! Life can be challenging and we cannot call it quits at the sound of every struggle. Otherwise we would never get anything accomplished. We simply couldn't even try if we were scared of defeat at every turn. We must just keep on going...maybe I am more addicted to the challenge than running. At least I think that I am welcoming the challenge of finding success in every situation.

For the Christian this is assured. Philippians  tells us that we can do all things through Christ.  He has done all the hard parts for us and all we have left to do is face the challenges that present themselves by living out our daily lives in Him. Another welcomed challenge - as I know like my running challenges - it will only make the victory taste that much sweeter!

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