Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sweet Success!

Yeah me! I finished my first 10K. I came in far less than my goal! (slow compared to everyone else but this was my first race of this length)...I was doing well even though going slow. But as I passed the 8K marker and knew I was almost there I started thinking back to when I first started running less than two years ago.

It was so difficult to finish that first mile! Then the second mile was done. Slowly I got ready for my first 5K  - I would have never dreamed I would ever even try a 10K much less think about training for the half marathon! I thought about the last couple of years of training and I was happy with myself. It may be one of the only times I just was content. I knew I had worked hard to get to this race and I was just happy because the end was in sight!

Sometimes we need to take a few minutes and just enjoy our successes. Some people do not think that this is a good practice. But there are times when it is just okay to celebrate your successes. And today was mine!

So take some time today and think about the things you have accomplished, running or otherwise. Those are your fuel for making tomorrow better. It helps you maitain a positive attitude and be able to press on into another day. I cannot wait to get to next week and push my training to the next level. Happy reflections!!

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