Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stay in the Race

You just can't run hard every single day. There's too much chance of injury if you push it with all you have every single day. I have a minimum I want to achieve each day, daily goals. Then I try to do the very best I can that day, but I know I cannot run full out every single day. (especially at my age! lol!)

So each day as I concentrate my effort on various areas I do what I can to the best of my ability that day. Some days I will work on speed, some days I concentrate on distance and of course there are days that I just try to log some miles!

Presently my training is working on distance. I am also trying to slowly raise my base speed, but my  main focus is on building distance.

I think this is a life skill we can all work on. I run each day the best I can for that day and I should also live each day the best I can. We never know what a day will bring but it's up to us to stay on course and handle it the very best we know how. Our Christian lives are no different. Each day we need to be the best we can be body, soul and spirit; following Him with all that we have to the best of our ability for that day. As we grow our ability to follow Him and please Him will grow as well. All we have to do - is stay in the race.

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