Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Planning is The Key

I know I should be packing boxes and moving them over to the new apartment. But I only have two hours to work with when the aid is here with my son. So what will I do? Run first!

I must admit this is a very busy week with moving and all and it's been difficult to figure out how to balance it all out. I can pack other times but I can only run for this little two hour slot. I will run and then do errands! My first half marathon is only a little over a month away. I know I am not under too much pressure since I consider it training for the big one in September...but I put a lot of pressure on myself to do the best I can...it's only fair.

I pretty much only have three days to work with this week so I will call this an easy week and hit it hard once again next week. My goal for this week is to just log some miles and keep my muscles up. Then next week I want to run over the 10 mile mark.

I really feel like planning is the key to success. I have to plan for lots of things. One of the most important things I plan into my day and actually plan my day around (other than running) is my quiet time. I order my day based on my quiet time. I have my coffee and my Bible with me at the beginning of every day. That doesn't change much no matter what comes my way. It's pretty much a given in my day with very few exceptions. Running has to come in second to my time with God....that will bring success. It's all in the planning.

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