Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Signed Up For the Chicago Half Marathon!

Yeah, I know it's crazy but it actually helped me mentally! Now I can look at the OKC half marathon as simply part of training for "the big one"! It totally changed my mental attitude about training. The OKC half is May 1; that's the one I am training for now. I've felt like I was under a lot of pressure but then last night when my friend and I signed up for Chicago the OKC half just became another part of the whole and it all fell into perspective!

It's so funny how breaking things up into smaller pieces can help us sort through and win mentally. I wonder if there's a way to do that with nearly everything? Maybe some of the lack of progress that we see in ourselves spiritually is because we make little pieces the whole sometimes. (yeah, I know I am still on that one!) You know - we take one verse out of the Bible and make it our entire doctrine or theology and it was just one thought.

But of course we always pick only the comfortable ones. For instance the term "born again" is only used one time. And I'm not saying that it's not a huge concept in our Christianity, but we build a lot around John 3:16. But Jesus also mentioned other things only one time. For instance, He told the rich young ruler to sell everything He had and give to the poor. Jesus mentioned both of these concepts one time. We build doctrines around the comfortable one and ignore the uncomfortable one! When they are both simply pieces of the whole!

I want to serve God with my whole being, not just selectively! We can look at each scripture as a piece of the puzzle and it will make the whole thing a lot more do-able! Just like running a marathon!

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