Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's Official - I'm Overweight!

Emotional eating used to never be in my vocabulary. But during the stress of the last 2.5 years I have found it a terrible habit. I keep healthy stuff in the house so I am not always overeating on junk foods, but I munch a lot of the time and have to bring it under control.

It's not today's meals that effect today's's what we ate yesterday. If I did not eat enough of the right foods yesterday, I won't have the fuel for the run today!

That is a profound truth in many areas of our lives. Our habits today will dictate our tomorrows. This is why we must become disciplined even when it seems unproductive. I have to keep my mind on positive thoughts and those which encourage active living and proper care of this body.

Spiritually, what I eat today will effect tomorrow's journey as well. If I have not cultivated daily devotions, or Bible study into my life then when the storms of life come (and trust me - they will!) - I won't have anything to pull up for strength. Just like my food today fuels my run tomorrow - the input of God's word today will carry my through tomorrow!

I recommit today to eating right - and proper portions - spiritually and naturally. I want to prepare my spirit and body for the tomorrows I may have coming my way!

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