Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Hate Rest Days!

It seems like such a waste. But then this is someone who cannot figure out for the life of me why God made our bodies need to sleep one third of the time! Do you know how much we could get done if we didn't have to sleep?

For crying out loud, I'm training for a half-marathon here! But no; the 10 K is Saturday and I already have over 12 of my 15ish miles in for the week so I need to rest so I do well on race day. I know it is essential for recovery and healing, but I just got going here! My legs are feeling good under me and I feel like I have reached a new runner's high...and then nothing.

Maybe God wanted us to know how important recovery is. If I could I guess I would work all the time ( or run all the time). But the down time is supposed to be refreshing. Resting can rejuvenate our whole being if we use it correctly.

God promised there would be rest for His people. He said it would always be there. I am trying to use these two days off as a resting place. Clearing  my mind - telling myself that I have prepared for this race and I'm ready...even though it's supposed to snow Saturday morning!

Sometimes with our spiritual life it's time to take a rest. Time to call everything off and just relax. Even though it messes with our minds it is a good thing to chill out now and then. Resting in Him is especially beneficial because as we rest in Him we gain His strength for a new day!

In returning and rest you will be saved
in quietness and trust is your strength
Isaiah 30:15

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