Monday, March 28, 2011

I Build My Life Around the Run!

I have so much to do this week and it's going to be difficult to get it all in. I am moving! Yeah! But that means exploring new routes too. I have to play a lot on runner's world maps to figure out new routes for next week. Today I sign my lease.

See, I am a cargiver too so I only have 2 hours M-F to get my run in. That's why I am doing the half instead of the full marathon. I can't train in the one 3 hour spot I have on Fridays. Anyway - I realized with moving and packing this week that I pretty much can rearrange my whole life around my run! I use the two hours for running and then whatever time is left I do my errands! lol!

I saw my nephew's finisher medal for the Austin half that he and his dad did a few weeks back. And that fuels the fire even more! I will try to run three days of 6 miles this week to get close to my 20 mile a week mark. Then next week I'll be back on with a 10 miler. But I am shooting for a full 13 by next week!

I can't believe I've begun to build my life around the run!

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