Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Full Mind Makes for A Slow Run

Since my 10K is scheduled for Saturday and I did a pretty good run yesterday I need to do a couple of easy days to just log some miles. Then I'll take two days off before the race and hopefully my legs will be good to go!

I use my run to clear my mind and get my thinking going in the right direction for the day. But today I just had a lot more to carry with me on the run. I realized how slow I was running and it was all because my heart was heavy and my mind was full.

Life can tend to be the same way. We go through it a lot slower when we are weighted down internally. A lot of days I have to make the conscious effort of lightening my mental load. The day is much more productive when I have my emotions and mind under control. However, this is easier said than done!

But this morning I had to retrain my mind to find His peace. Too bad "peace be still" doesn't work in this instance. However, I can remind myself that the psalmist said to "Be still and know He is God." And that is what I had difficulty figuring out how to do this morning.

But by the end of my run it had served its purpose. The stress was relieved and the mind was back to ground zero for the day! I love running! Now to finish getting ready for the race on Saturday.

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