Monday, March 21, 2011

Discipline for Doing the Easy Stuff

Today is a short run day. The only thing that is sore from my 10 miler is my thighs. But since they are a little bit sore still I will just be doing a let's loosen up  run today. I hate days like this. I want to work on speed work for the 5K next week. But I have to stay on track for the half marathon as it is my goal.

It's funny to me that I can dread the easy days more than the more difficult days. It's like there doesn't seem to be a challenge. Just run 2 or 3 miles easy to log the miles and loosen it all up. However, even though it seems trite it is still a small goal on the way to the big one! If I overdo it today I may get off course for the rest of the week and not be able to stay on track for the larger goal - the half marathon.

Sometimes doing the easy things takes more discipline than the harder things. But it's all part of the process. Taking time to read and apply ourselves to Bible study seems like one of the easy things to me. But as we discipline ourselves to read some every day then when trouble strikes we will have some backup! There really is benefit in the easy things...and it takes great discipline to carry them out! So do the easy stuff today - the stuff you don't really like or want to do- it will build you a better tomorrow!

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