Monday, February 28, 2011

...and then the unthinkable happened!

I run for a lot of different reasons, like most runners. One of the benefits is that I am out of the house and I get to breathe fresh air for about an hour. I also can clear my mind. It helps me deal with the rest of the day when I can get my mind clear.

This morning I was running just a little faster than "slow" gear when the unthinkable happened. A younger woman came up behind me and passed me! My thoughts became clouded with tons of questions! I immediately felt so unproductive and like I was failing! My steps quickened as I realized another runner was going the same direction only faster. It doesn't matter at all that I am probably 20 years her's unthinkable. I know I'm slow but what the...?

I began to reason it all out so I could find a calmer way to run! I know I am older, perhaps even less experienced. But the I realized I am not competing with her - I compete only against myself. This has been one of my running mantras from the beginning. If we were racing we certainly wouldn't even be in the same age group why was I worrying about it.

There is a scripture that says comparing themselves among themselves they are not wise. (2 Corinthians 10:12) I do not need to compare myself to other runners, I can only improve myself when I realistically look at what I am doing. I can research and know what I am reaching for but I cannot look at another runner to see if I am making the mark or missing it altogether!

This is so true in life. We can spend a lot of time comparing ourselves with others in many arenas and seem to fall far short by imaginary standards. Or we can take a realistic look at who we are, where we want to go, and who we want to become and then go there.

There are many pressures in all life's classrooms to be just like others. And church is no different. It's time we be ourselves and do our best and work with what we have. My body is 50 years old it simply will not work like a 26 year old one! I must push myself as far as I can but no further. Unrealistic expectations whether they are in running or life will only bring defeat. Set some real goals - for who you are and where you are - then go for it! We will get there if we do not give up.

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